Saturday, April 21, 2007

Random notes

I've got Google Notebook set up on my work and home computers so I can keep track of things seamlessly and frequently. Whenever I want to make a note of a URL or a thought or a reminder or an observation, I simply click the Open Notebook button in the corner of my browser status bar and note away. They're not very coherent, unfortunately contain a lot of exclamation marks and, like a blog, they're in reverse chronological order, but here are my unedited Friday notes before I log off for the day and go and meet my husband:
  • Dandy Yankie on the department iPod speakers for a fitting end to the work end!
  • I love Google Notebook.
  • It's Friday!!!!!
  • Another hot date with my husband tonight - dinner and a movie, how quaint.
  • I love my job! (Just in case keystroke logging software's been installed on my company's servers!)
  • Those lovely summer smocks all the girls are wearing makes it difficult to tell who's pregnant or not on the Tube
  • The office feels very quiet - many are off in NYC, others have taken a half day
  • The chunky chocolate fudge dessert from EAT was a yummy moment for me today
  • It's funny, but most of the time I feel like my head is empty - not in a good, Zen way, but in a vacuous, "I'm so thick" way. This week I've forced myself to remember that I have a PhD, that I must have been brainy to get it, and reminding myself of that has made me more alert and alive. I'm not talking to people self-consciously thinking, "Oh what I'm saying is so thick!"
  • This morning the sky is grey but it's okay because the light is still clear and I'm warm inside my cashmere jumper.
  • My neighbour has some exquisite white calla lilies in his front garden. He's an elegant old man - Greek perhaps, or maybe even Turkish - and he takes care of his appearance and walks everyday to the shops with his walking cane.
  • There's nothing better than walking somewhere and being fully in the body. Usually my head is full but this morning walking to work I was entirely aware of my movements across the streets and was entirely relaxed in my body.
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