Thursday, April 26, 2007

Midweek rambles

More random words from my Google Notes so far this week. It's quite interesting keeping track of my thoughts and activities in bite-size form throughout the working day. I blog so little about my everyday working life and the silly, mundane thoughts that rise to the surface. Now it's pretty easy.

  • The thought that M's cooking sea bream on rice with Japanese pickled vegetables tonight, which he marinated last night, is making me itch for it to be dinner time already.
  • Rushing to finish off a hosting proposal so I can chair the brainstorm meeting with creatives in half an hour.
  • Those London free newspaper guys need to be shot - they get in my way, they make me trip over the disgarded newspapers, and they can't take no for an answer!
  • I'll be definitely checking some of these out in NYC next month (have already been to the excellent Azul Bistro).
  • Walking around Soho at lunchtime is a lovely thing to do. The streets are not packed and I can indulge in a few rosie apples hard candy from the quaint Mrs Kibble's Olde Sweet Shoppe on Brewer Street.
  • Why do some men ruin the look of their perfectly nice suit by wearing the trousers so short in the leg? I do not want to see even a hint of sock as you walk, mister - you look like a schoolboy! And while you're at it, note that the wet look hair gel you use makes you look like you're ten years old. Oh yes, and polish those shoes for God's sake - why, why?
  • Today, I mustn't be deceived by the weather again. Yesterday, the morning was cool and grey so I wore my favourite Nicole Farhi sweater. By the end of the day, I was baking and felt like a frump. So today, the sky is grey and the breeze is cool but I will not be stumped. I'm wearing my pretty little Oasis blouse. I bet it freezes up today...
  • Remember to book Wodka in Kensington for dinner.
  • Lunch today is rocket and spinach salad with cherry tomatoes, stuffed vine leaves, a sprinkle of mixed seeds, raisins and dried cranberries and a little Turkish sheeps cheese.
  • Marc Jacobs - very nice.
  • Joi Ito's going very Zen these days. I like it.
  • A senior colleague said to me this morning, "For someone who looks so lovely and sweet, you have a ruthless business brain." I'm hoping this was a compliment!
  • Yey, Handbrake DVD-to-iPod converter is now available for Windows.
  • I've got another headache - aargh!
  • When I first got my new work laptop I got headaches and eye strain peering at my new 1680 x 1050 pixel screen resolution. It's amazing and a little scary how soon the eyes get used to it.
  • Derek Lam's collection looks fabulous. I can't afford it, but this girl will be drooling as I window shop my way around NYC next month.
  • McDonald's to team up with the Vegetarian Society seeking accreditation for a range of vegetarian-compliant products, including a strawberry milkshake and a burger - what?!
  • Why do people dawdle by Tube entrances getting in the way of the stream of people on their way to work?!
  • For all my excitement and, I admit it, smugness about being married, there's a part of me that sometimes feels ultra conventional and a little past it now...
  • Remember olive oil and Turkish bread for dinner tonight.
  • Rye bread, cherry tomatoes, Napolina salami slices and Turkish sheep cheese for lunch today.
  • I am annoyed. Why can't people talk to each other to resolve an issue. Picking up the phone is so much more effective than endless rounds of emails cc'ing all and sundry!
Day before yesterday....
  • Logging off, over and out.
  • Can't believe the day went by without a single meeting - a miracle.
  • Proof-reading a document for one of our big charity clients - attention to detail is critical.
  • The day has gone by so quickly. Off home to cook chicken jalfrezi for me and M, using chicken leftover from last night's roast dinner. Will fry chicken, onions, garlic and ginger with dried cumin, coriander and turmeric and some dried red chillis, then slosh it all around with fresh tomatoes. Yum!
  • Sorting out a few things that the client has messed up on a site we built for them.
  • Sorting out client invoicing.
  • Walking in heels all day does wonders for the legs - beats the gym at least!
  • Okay, lunch over, back to work!
  • I actually like the sound of blogger ChubbyHubby's favourite comfort food: beef bovril, mixed with steamed rice and butter, topped with a fried egg. "I used to eat this as a child and still love the flavors today." Courtesy of the always excellent and very addictive Serious Eats site.
  • Have to make it here:
  • Tacita Dean at the Guggenheim.
  • Art in NYC.
  • More art in NYC links.
  • Need to visit here when we go to NYC next month.
  • Currently reading about quick repsonse codes, geotagging, tag clouds, news maps, behavioural targeting, vlogging, mobile media on demand and more - very interesting stuff - no, seriously! Have I mentioned before that I love my job!
  • India is considering reducing the amount of time it takes a foreigner to adopt an Indian child from a year to 45 days. This is very, very, very good news and one I am keeping tabs on.
  • Must remember to pop into an Orange store to look for a basic, easy-to-use, big buttoned mobile phone for my dad. The clerks keep wanting to sell him the latest sophisticated all-singing, all-ringing mobile gizmo but all he wants is something to receive and make calls - he doesn't even text and certainly doesn't need photo and MP3 functionality.
  • My lunch today: roast chicken pieces and tabbouleh left over from last night's dinner, enriched with dried cranberries and raisins and mixed seeds, plus a few pieces of Turkish sheep cheese. Lovely!
  • I dread opening my work emails on a Monday morning usually. But this morning it is fine - only 45 emails and most of it company-wide mail. All is well - projects I'm managing are all in hand - most unusual and I mustn't speak too soon. It means, though, that I can focus on new business research today - thank God for good project managers.
  • Another lovely, warm day. I love it now I can wear my sleeveless tops. Still not warm enough to wear my floaty short skirts, but soon, soon...

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