Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Dare to go grey

I first noticed a strand of grey hair when I turned 20. As I progressed through my 20s, that single strand gained siblings - lots of them. I started dyeing my hair at 30 and have been dyeing it ever since. In between colouring sessions, I notice my roots are salt and pepper - there is still a lot of natural black in there but yes, there is also a lot of grey. I would say that my natural hair is much like the woman's hair in the first photo below.

A part of me thinks I am still too young to go au natural, especially as I live in a youth-obsessed culture and work/worked in a youth-obsessed industry. But then I see photos like these and it makes me think. These women are stunning, aren't they. And they've kept their long, lustrous hair. Hmmm, much to ponder on.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The long re-edit

The first draft of the novel is complete! Now the long re-write, because it really, really needs it. I think this is how I will attempt the re-draft:
  1. Print out each chapter
  2. Read paper copy of each chapter and annotate changes after a fresh re-read
  3. Re-type the chapter fresh into a new document and re-write as I do so
  4. Then put aside and start on the next chapter
  5. Try not to think about the next book, as I have the idea, structure and notes for that already. Step away, Planethalder!
I started re-drafting Chapter 1 yesterday using this process and it seems to be working. But we'll see. It can all change if I discover plot holes or weak characters etc.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


A new year, a new resolve: to get my toddler potty trained. Well, her childminders have started to train her and we will have to continue the efforts each weekend. So far she's drawn a blank - a blank face that is: "No, no, no" or simply refusal to acknowledge the potty by blanking us all and changing the subject. Not even pointing out to her all her little potty-trained friends works as she cares not for peer pressure. Writing a novel is easy by comparison. Watch this space...

Have also realised, in shock, that as she is a Summer-born baby she will start school in September 2012. Not pre-school but proper primary school. Gulp. That's next year. She had better be out of nappies by then.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Butt in chair

Uh oh, the three week Christmas and New Year break has made me lazy and my writing has careened to a halt. So, to reinstate the discipline required to finish this book I am reciting the following routine first thing each morning (well, as soon as Mr and Little Planet are out of the house - I try and usher them out by 8.30am):

1. Butt in chair
2. Step away from the internet
3. Open up Word
4. Start tapping away

That's all there is to writing really and I need to get my butt back in the chair and write.

Thursday, January 06, 2011

Toddler humour

It's been a while since I updated on Little Planet, but to be honest she's developing so quickly that I simply don't have the time to chronicle it all. One aspect of her development that I find amazing is her sense of humour. Two recent examples still crack me up when I think about them. Bear in mind that she is 2 and a half years old:

Mr Planet: "Mummy said you didn't eat your lunch today."
Defiant look from Little Planet.
Mr Planet: "You mean you didn't eat Daddy's nice spaghetti bolognese?!"
Little Planet, with a twinkle in her eye: "No, I did not. But I ate Daddy's nice biscuit!"

Grandma, waving a toy magic wand at a defiant Little Planet: "Abracadabra, I will change your nappy!"
Little Planet, taking the wand from her and waving it back: "Abracadabra, you will not change my nappy!"

On a separate note: Happy New Year! Little Planet and I were off for three weeks and Mr Planet for one and a half weeks and, aside from a week when the house was full of guests, it was very chilled and lazy. Little Planet even obliged us by sleeping in most mornings - hurrah! But now Little Planet is back in daycare, Mr Planet is back at work, and I am back at my computer. 2011 has begun.