Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Typical day # 3

This Typical Day post features a much more settled Little Planet compared to the last Typical Day post and shows how atypical a newborn baby's day actually is. There are good days, so-so days and horrendous days and everything in between. This day (from the Sunday just gone) was a reasonably good day.
  • Little Planet's previous feed, given by M, was at 9.30pm. She awakes at 1.30am and M feeds her.

  • She awakes again at 4.30am and M feeds her as I am out for the count. I don't even hear the two of them.

  • I do the 8am feed as M is on his way to work. She goes to sleep in the miracle swinging cradle with the white noise soundtrack on and I shower, get dressed, wash up, put on a load of laundry, make up more feeds and have a leisurely breakfast reading the weekend papers.

  • I wake her a little early, at 10am, to feed as I want to take her to the park before the sun gets too hot. I pop her in her buggy at 11am. She grizzles but as soon as we start moving she settles completely. We enjoy a stroll in the fresh air.

  • We're back home by 12pm and we play for an hour under the activity gym and on the changing mat. It's a lot of fun and I can't wait for the day when she starts staying awake more just so I can play with her. At the moment, the endless feed-burp-wind-settle-sleep routine is a little too monotonous for my personality and makes me feel I am not a "natural" mother (which is okay, as not all women can be).

  • At 1pm she feeds and I settle her at 2pm.

  • I lunch on sushi, I blog, I read Grazia magazine and Rumer Godden's The River in the garden under a sun-dappled tree. I feel completely rested.

  • She feeds again at 4.30pm and is asleep by 5pm so I take a nap too.

  • But she is awake and griping from 6.30pm until her feed at 7.30pm. I am beginning to wonder whether I should feed her every time she grizzles as perhaps she's simply hungry and going through a growth spurt. It's so confusing to know what to do. I pray for M to hurry home though from day to day we are never sure what time he will return as his workload is heavy.

  • By 8.30pm, M is back and we bathe and wash her hair together. We oil and massage her.

  • She's asleep by 9pm and M makes fillet steaks with fries and tomatoes for our dinner, which we eat in front of catch-up TV (Heroes and the Gilmore Girls). She frets a little and we hold our breath frequently, but she settles each time on her own. I never let her cry for longer than 5 minutes, but generally she self-settles before that time is up. If she doesn't, then M or I are up there trying to comfort her.

  • I'm in bed by 11pm and M gives Little Planet her last feed of the day at 11.30pm.


Anonymous said...

Enjoy this time when she is still sleeping a lot. That will change and how!

When she starts sleeping most of the night she will need to be amused most of day for hours at end. There is joy and tiredness in that. But of a different kind.

So did you like The River? I am not sure I liked or understood it. Watched the movie too in an effort to "get it". Perhaps I am just thick! Tell us what you think.

Another Kiran in NYC

Priyanka said...

Your typical day sounds great! I know you want her to stay awake longer, but in my case I can't wait for Aashna to fall asleep. Her first month was so much easier for me. Now, I spend most of my day rocking her and she sleeps only on me. Which model of swinging cradle do you exactly own? I am planning to buy one soon.

Planethalder said...

I know I may very well regret wishing this, but I am looking forward to her staying awake to play more!

Priyanka, her swing cradle is a Graco Silhouette and is a life saver when trying to get her to sleep during the day (not at night, just the moses basket at night). She also falls asleep in her buggy, but as I am still recovering from a c-section I can only walk for an hour a time and she needs longer asleep.

Kiran, I will let you know what I think of The River. So far it's okay, no great shakes though. I have Jhumpa Lahiri's new story collection in the queue and can't wait to start that one.

Priyanka said...

Thanks for the info. Naa, you won't regret it. We have a lot of fun playing with Aashna when she is awake. These days, as she is not feeling well she is cranky all the time. Thats why I wait for her to fall asleep I guess. Take care.