Monday, July 28, 2008

Hanging out

The arrival of this weekend was much welcomed, capping a brutal work week for M and a stressful week for myself and an unsettled Little Planet. The weather was glorious and our little family of three enjoyed some quality time together.

Now I have a house and a new baby, my life is much more domestic than it's ever been. Just look back at the evolution of this blog from 2004 to see just how domestic my life has become. New motherhood, and the mundane, housebound routines that accompany it, has been a hard thing for me to adjust to as you well know from my recent posts. However, though I am greatly looking forward for Little P to get a little older so we can go out and do more things again - a few months, just a few more months - right now this is my life and I am resolved to make the most of it and make the little things count, like Little P's first smiles (above)!

Saturday morning began as leisurely as a morning can begin with a baby who awakes at 5 or 6am. We fed and played with her, put her down for a nap, had our own showers and breakfasts. M went for a run as I made up a few feeds, washed up and put on a load or two of laundry. Then the three of us went shopping for provisions.

We put the baby down for another nap at lunch time (though she had slept a little out in the pram too) and I headed into town alone to watch the gloriously camp and hilarious Mamma Mia! movie with the gorgeous Meryl Streep and Pierce Brosnan. The music I grew up with and still love is the gritty, dark likes of Nick Cave, Tom Waits and Leonard Cohen, but the mother-love hormones currently raging through my system made me laugh and cry at the wonderful renditions of Abba songs and the emotional mother-daughter storyline. And like the rest of the audience at the West End Odeon, I applauded when the closing credits came up. How wonderfully embarrassing! I popped into Liberty for some decadently expensive Ren body cream for myself, and then into Borders and John Lewis for colourful Lamaze toys and books for my little treasure.

Back at home, M filled me in on his day. Now we have this house, he loves spending time in it at the weekend, especially because he's rarely home during the week. I, on the other hand, crave to disappear for a little bit on the weekends as I now spend so much time at home. So he had spent an enjoyable day feeding and playing with Little Planet, putting her to sleep, doing some gardening, reading, cleaning... generally pottering around.

We ended Saturday with a barbecue dinner à deux of chicken and lamb chops and sat in our garden until darkness fell catching up as we have hardly seen each other this week. Though we both have some very good friends, essentially we are both loners. When we were single and didn't know each other, we had both always been able to spend contented days, even weeks, without seeing other people. Fortunately for our marriage - and perhaps why it works so well - we also love being loners together. It does sound cheesy, I know, but M really is my best friend.

After our al fresco dinner, we gave Little P her last feed of the day, put her to bed and then watched a few episodes of the brilliant Californication on DVD starring the surprisingly sexy David Duchovny.

I spent all of Sunday at home with M and the baby. We went for a stroll around the park in the morning, ate feta cheese and watermelon for lunch, cleaned the house, read, napped, ate roast chicken and homemade alioli for dinner by candlelight in the garden, looked after Little P who slept for much of the time but who, when awake, brightened up our day even more by throwing us little smiles. Yes, our baby turned 7 weeks old on Saturday and is smiling at us.


Priyanka said...

I too bought a Lamaze toy for Lil A this weekend. I wonder if you bought the same one, its a fire-fly:
My hubby and I are loners too. We hardly meet up with other people because we truly enjoy spending time with each other doing different things..'Best Friends' as you've said.

Priyanka said...

BTW, Lil P looks Adorable. I was a bit shaken earlier after reading about the bomb blasts in India, but when I saw Lil P's pic, it brought a smile to my face, a really wide smile. She looks so CUTE with that parting in her hair.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful lowkey weekend you seem to have had! The two of you and baby. Lovely!

I remember those slower weekends with envy. Now the husband and I spend our weekends madly dashing about schlepping the children to swim meets, ball games and innumerable kid birthday parties hosted by equally harrassed parents. Still, it is all good!

In a decade or less (the kids are only 6 and 4 presently) our weekends will be ours again when they dont want us around at all putting a crimp in thier style!

Who is the cook in your little family? Who plays sous chef? Or do you both take credit for the imaginative and quite elaborate meals that you write about?

On a related note, I must congratulate you on your recipe for Moroccan meatballs with pomegranate syrup. I was looking for a theme menu and your meatball recipe came up on your blog on google. It was delicious and easy to cook for a crowd. Salmon tagine and couscous completed the menu. And that... is how I found your blog in the first place!

Another Kiran in NYC

beyond said...

your life seems really really peaceful and wonderful:)its perfect or almost perfect.i guess a happy marriage is a blessing indeed.tell me do you guys ever argue and if you do how do you resolve it?

Planethalder said...

Hi Priyanka, I bought a yellow lion and a purple elephant toy, but that firefly looks lovely too so I will look out for it. She's still so young and prefers to look at peoples' faces but she is starting to recognise certain toys now, especially her Mr Sunshine who she smiles and gurgles at!

Hi Kiran. My husband is the main cook of the family. I cook too but his dishes are always far more inventive than mine. He loves spending time poring over cookbooks and he's been cooking since he was 12.

Hi Beyond, We argue all the time! We are both very stubborn and hot-headed. Sometimes we won't speak with each other for a few hours but then one of us always says "I'm sorry" and then the other one says "I'm sorry" too and depending on the severity of the disagreement then either we forget about it all or we chat about it and then quickly move on.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a lovely weekend. I love how you and your husband provide each other with space and yet spend time with each other.

I had a completely different take on the Mamma Mia movie...didn't like it at all. I have a review on my blog.

Watermelon and feta sounds like a wonderful combination. Must try it sometime.

Olivia said...

I love how you describe you and hubby being loners together. I totally understand as that is how I could be, though equally fine with a group.

I can't believe your little P already posing and smiling for the camera but she is so photogenic.

My friend is coming up to NYC from Houston and she wants to see Mamma Mia, the musical, before we see the film.

See? Watermelon and feta - which is one reason why the soup works so well :) Mmmm I so want some more.

leslee said...

You do give me hope of finding a partner who is also content being alone! I have dated such men in the past and found them most comfortable to be with, though none worked into long-term. Hard to find each other, though!

Little Planet has such a beatific smile in these photos - yes, a little angel. :-)