Friday, July 04, 2008

Baby bits

  • I hosted coffee morning for the other mothers in my antenatal group yesterday and my goodness did it help put my stresses and strains at being a new mother in perspective. They are having a far harder time of it than me. In comparison, my little baby is much more settled, feeding better, and sleeping well. She is also much bigger and older looking than their babies even though she is the youngest by 3 weeks on average. She certainly has the most hair! So now I realise that my stresses and strains are 90 percent due to my impatient and hot-blooded temperament rather than anything to do with the baby herself.

  • We had some wonderful tummy time on the changing mat yesterday. I placed her down so her head was facing the wall against which I have black and white shapes arranged so she can look at them. Then I called her name from the other side and slowly, and laboriously, she lifted her little wobbly head and turned it so she was looking at me. She lifted her head a good two inches or so in order to do this.

  • She can also track an object - another person across the room or a toy near her face - from left to right and back again. She's reaching out more and she is grabbing her bottle as I feed her - pushing it towards her or away from her. She's responding to a familiar voice. She's already rolling from side to side too, though this is more by accident than by design!

  • We got caught out by the rain returning home from the shops yesterday and she was mesmerised by the rain drops hitting her buggy's plastic rain cover. It was magical watching her wonder and I was smiling with joy and love as I pushed her home.

  • My tummy has gone down alot. I didn't put on more than 15lbs during my pregnancy but I've always had a little pot belly so I am not expecting that to go. However, the water retained from my c-section operation that has made my belly into a jelly belly has reduced considerably. I've worked out that I need to reduce my tummy down by another inch or so to get comfortably back into my pre-pregnancy jeans. In the meantime, I am wearing my maternity jeans with a belt. I am not bothered about dieting though. Not yet at least.

  • I still can't believe she came from my body, that she is a part of me. She seems to me to be such a separate, unique little person. I am growing to love her intensely but it wasn't love at first sight and the love has had to grow. I wonder whether this is because I had an emergency c-section, didn't get to feel her journey out of me through the birth canal, and didn't get to hold her close to me for an hour after her birth - so that by the time she was handed over to me she felt like another person's little baby even though I knew she was mine.

  • Tomorrow she will be 4 weeks old.


mumbaigirl said...

She looks so lovely and fat in this photograph. So cuddly

Bombay Beauty said...

What a lovely picture! I have to qualify everything I say by not having been through the experience, but I do feel that love is a thing that grows. Whatever initial feelings you have will always change from loving your baby in general to loving her in particular as a unique person. And that's the wonder. So quickly you can sense a baby's personality, and the process of growth and discover is so beautiful, truly wondrous.



Broom said...

I want to pinch her cute little cheeks... it looks like she's blowing a kiss.

little cutie.

dipali said...

She is just so lovely!
May she continue to be so relatively trouble free and peaceable!

Priyanka said...

She looks adorable! Btw, 'it wasn't love at first sight'- for me too. And I think of the same reasons as I too had an emergency C-sec, was shivering like crazy from the epidural and was exhausted from the pains all night.
Its so much fun to read Little P's milestones.