Friday, May 04, 2007

Energy notes

Thank goodness for Google Notes. My notes from the past few days, in reverse chronological order as usual...
  • M's back late tonight from France. Hurrah! All I had energy for tonight after work was to watch repeats of Location, Location, Location and flip through Red, Marie Claire and Easy Living. When M's around, we're busy cooking, chatting, simply hanging out with each other. When he's not, I become a bit of a vegetative slob after work. Which ain't such a bad thing, really.
  • I love the fact that it's very difficult to burn food in a Le Creuset saucepan.
  • Also saw Alan Dale (Bradford Meade in Ugly Betty, Caleb Nichol in The OC and Jim Robinson in Neighbours) today.
  • Just seen Dom Joly on Berners Street.
  • We have absolutely nothing planned for the long weekend, bliss. No doubt we will find things to fill it up with though, bliss. For now I'm getting through the day simply dreaming about a 3-day weekend. And in two weeks we go to NYC! Yeehah!
  • Did I mention, I'm exhausted?!
  • M's back in France for a couple of days. All I've had the energy for after work while he's been away is watch cheesy chick flicks - Nina's Heavenly Delights, set in an Indian restaurant in Glasgow, about an Indian girl falling in love with her female Scottish business partner; and Jennifer Aniston's The Break-Up (what on earth did they see in each other - both as actors and as characters?!). I cried through both of them, but only had myself to be embarrassed in front of thank goodness. Anyway, crying sometimes feels rather good - clears the cobwebs out.
  • All I've had the energy for is defrost and reheat leftovers - spag bol and chilli con carne. I am exhausted! Roll on the long Bank Holiday weekend!
  • I'm working on 11 new business proposals for existing clients and they all need to be in soon - argh!
  • Today I have a breakfast meeting with the CEO of our company, who's flown in from the US - not just myself alone with him of course - now that would be very scary!
  • I made the same recipe for Moroccan meatballs in a pomegranate and tomato sauce as before except this time I added finely chopped dried apricots and pine nuts to the meatball mixture - it was heavenly. We finished just in time for me to catch my The OC replacement What About Brian, for M to surf the interweb and then for both of us to catch the penalty shootout between Liverpool and Chelsea.
  • I saw Peter Stringfellow walking down Wardour Street looking like a weary, middle aged housewife from the suburbs.
  • Ipodifier
  • What do 300 calorie meals look like?
  • I work all day with computers. Away from work I still spend a fair bit of time online, but still I love reconnecting with physicality... with the body (moving around, being active), with touch (a crisp newspaper, squishy fruit, my husband's flesh), with taste (savouring every mouthful), with breath (breathing in and out and simply being still and aware)...
  • Got chatting to a lovely old man in his eighties today on a packed bus coming home down the hill from the Tube station. I opened up the lines of communication between us asking him if he was okay clinging on to the railing and should I ask someone to move out of their seat. He opened up the lines of communication by saying, No he likes to stand, then looking out at the park and saying, Look how lovely the sun looks shining on the grass. He then proceeded to tell me about his 7 children, his life in Trinidad, his 10 grandchildren - the 10th appearing in this world just yesterday - his early years as a homeless man newly arrived in London, how now he could never leave London even though his children all live in the country because London has been good to him: "I married here, I had children here, I've worked well here"... I was sorry to say goodbye to him.
  • I used to get Sunday's New York Times from a newsagents on Old Compton Street but for many months now I've been unable to find it there. However, I finally found a stockist on Wardour Street - the US cover price is only $5 but this newsagent is selling it for £7 - a rip off! I shall nonetheless buy it often because it's simply a brilliant Sunday rag full of interesting articles. I'm a mug.
  • London Friday Cities

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