Monday, May 14, 2007

Blue and grey

A complex combination of grey, drizzly weather, a dying laptop screen and some lingering work issues from Friday conspired to make me feel quite blue on Sunday. I'm usually quite a glass half full kind of girl and feeling even a little down makes me feel far worse than I should. So I decided to invigorate all my senses and bake some herb and parmesan muffins.

I preheated the oven to 180 celsius (350 fahrenheit), then roughly chopped small bunches of parsley and chives. In a bowl, I whisked together 3 eggs and half a teaspoon each of salt and freshly ground pepper until frothy. I spooned in 125 ml of plain yoghurt, a tablespoon of green pesto and 25 g of freshly grated parmesan and whisked again.

In a separate bowl, I sifted 150 g of plain flour with a teaspoon of baking powder then poured it into the egg mixture, stirring until everything had incorporated. Then I stirred in the fresh herbs.

I poured the batter into a 6 serving silicone muffin tray, filling each hole to two thirds capacity. I sprinkled with a tablespoon of sesame seeds and baked for 25 minutes until golden.

Quick, easy and absolutely delicious. It was just the tonic I needed. I haven't baked in years. When I was a vegan undergraduate at Goldsmiths I worked in a health food shop called Cross Currants and got loads of discounts. I would buy organic stoneground flour and fresh yeast and bake some variety of cake, bread or flan every weekend. I lived in an international student house on Amersham Road. It was self-catering and everyone, from Burma to Ghana via France, loved cooking. The large basement kitchen was the warm hub of the house. I had so much fun there.

I think next week I'll make some parmesan and sun dried tomato muffins. M said he'd love some sweet ones with lemon zest and poppy seeds too. His command may very well be my wish.

Sunday's kitchen was filled with wonderful aromas. We ate the muffins for lunch and then for dinner M made beef Stroganoff and grilled balls of mashed potatoes, which we hadn't had since last December. His sister, who lives just round the corner from us, popped round to share it. She brought with her lovely gifts from Tunisia plus a chocolate Lindt bunny. Afterwards we watched a few episodes of Curb Your Enthusiasm on DVD.

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