Monday, May 21, 2007

Weekend snapshots

Ackroyd & Harvey's FlyTower and Anthony Gormley's Event Horizon / Leisurely lunch at the fabulously chilled Benugo at the BFI Southbank / Walking through Kensington Gore / Paul Chan's mesmerising, soporific digital projections at the Serpentine / Strolling through Hyde Park / Buying ku:nel magazines and a 2005 Beat Takeshi DVD in the basement of Mitsukoshi on Regent Street / Snow Jewel white tea, Sparrow's Tongue green tea and Sobacha roasted buckwheat tea at Postcard Teas on Dering Street / Buying a selection of sushi from the Japan Centre to eat for dinner at home / Pocky bitter chocolate covered pretzel sticks for dessert / Watching Takeshis' on DVD / Flicking through Into The Vietnamese Kitchen cookbook / Salivating over the photos in Japanese lifestyle magazine ku:nel / Ringing art exhibitions we want to see later this week in NYC / Devouring a selection of cheesecakes from J Grodzinki & Daughters in Stamford Hill / Sunday roast chicken with pearl barley and sultanas plus spinach / Kita Koga manga for bedtime reading.