Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Weekend snapshot

A gloriously sunny weekend / Fighting the crowds along a jam-packed South Bank / Chowing down on Portuguese hog ciabatta sandwiches stuffed with hog meat, rocket salad and apple sauce / Looking up at the now drying out lawn Flytower / Watching the fantastically bathetic, melodramatic, comical and powerfully performed The Rose Tattoo at the National, surrounded by OAPs because it was a matinee performance / Lazing around in the long grass in Hyde Park - reading books, newspapers, people watching and sleeping / Wandering around the over-priced, lacklustre Photo London exhibition full of bland, derivative photos trying to ape the likes of the mighty Hiroshi Sugimoto, Martin Parr and William Eggleston, who also featured / Zoe Strauss (above left) stood out with her photos focussing in on the details of the urban American landscape / As did Saul Leiter's American street photography from the 1940s and 1950s / As did Sunil Gupta's photos of gays and lesbians in contemporary urban India / A better, more imaginative exhibition was the Tate Britain's How We Are: Photographing Britain / Fergus Heron's photos of pretty, faux cottage and mock tudor leafy suburban developments stood out for me / As did Susan Lipper's photos of bed and breakfasts / As did Paul Graham's documentation of Little Chefs, petrol stations and underpasses along the A1 road / As did Paul Reas' images of people shopping in retail parks, DIY centres and supermarkets (above right).

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