Friday, June 08, 2007

Busy doing nothing

Work is so busy and stressful these days, I have little energy to do much after work except collapse at home. I start counting the days down to the weekend on a Wednesday, for it is at the weekend that I am able to rouse myself enough to go out and about.

Another reason for not going out on a weeknight much more is that I am finally enjoying a good home life - in a house that's all mine and M's - our space, our things, all of it. When I used to flatshare and was either single or dating, I was always eager to go out after work, more often than not because all I had of my own was a cramped little room.

These days, I love chilling at home by myself or with M. I look forward to a night of doing nothing after a day of being frantic and breathless. It leaves me little to blog about as a result.

This week so far has been a typical week: sipping wine by candlelight, flipping through magazines, being engrossed in novels, surfing the blogosphere and, of course, cooking and eating comfort food such as peas and fried eggs on bacon. Blissful.


desi witch said...

that egg, bacon & peas looks so tempting.
look away, dw, look away! :)

Planethalder said...

Ha ha, so sinfully delicious!