Thursday, June 28, 2007


The things that have been thrilling and soothing me this week / My smooth as silk Nicole Farhi ti-shirt / Super sweet Alfonso mangoes / Super sexy and soulful Leonard Cohen's Various Positions album / Cucumber and houmous pitta sandwiches for lunch / My husband's smothering kisses and all-enveloping hugs / The sunshine when it finally decides to peek through the black clouds / The cold rain on my bare arms catching me unaware / The hearty juiciness of a 1996 bottle of Tempranillo / Super fattening homemade chicken and cheese fajita and guacamole / Super fattening spaghetti with bacon and butter beans / Reading lyrical evocations of Bengali life in India and in the US and reflecting on my own experiences of growing up Asian in Britain / A yummy chocolate mousse cake for a colleague's birthday / Indian School on BBC 4 reminding me of my own days living and teaching at a boarding school in Dehra Dun / A new pair of wedge heel shoes from Dune / Walking through the din of central London and still being fully at peace within my own space / Butter soft Turkish delight and gooey nougat from a colleague / Watching sloth bears eat watermelons and grapes in London Zoo at my husband's department party / The fact that today's Thursday and the weekend is just two days away!