Thursday, March 13, 2008

Waiting to leave

  • Singing nursery rhymes to my bump
  • Playing Baby Einstein classical music to my bump
  • Stroking and talking to her for hours on end
  • Reading and listening to music in a big, comfy armchair
  • Doing pregnancy meditation
  • Doing pregnancy yoga
  • Pottering around my new home
  • Sitting in my new garden with a mug of hot milk or chocolate
  • Listening to DAB radio in my new kitchen
  • Daydreaming about our baby
  • Cooking meals for M
  • Having long, candlelit soaks in our new bathroom
  • Envisioning how each room should look like
  • Surfing the net from the couch, in bed, at the kitchen table and in the garden, because finally we will have wi-fi
  • Watching classic old movies on DVD
  • Buying things we will treasure for the baby and for the house
  • Being alone and free to reflect, to prepare and to nurture myself and my bump
These are the things I am most looking forward to doing when I start maternity leave in a few weeks. Some of these things I can do and am doing now, but in snatches of time. In my new house and with uninterrupted hours, I will have space and time to simply be, before my life becomes three. Sigh.


Geodizzle said...

I find myself doing all those things all the time... except I have no bump or new house.

...of course, I'm kidding. I'm only 19. But you made pregnancy sound very enjoyable right there.

I find your blog very relaxing to read...

Bombay Beauty said...

It's lovely you will have this quiet time before baby PH comes along to enjoy life as you are now in anticipation of enjoying life as you will be. I think many of us (certainly I) would benefit from taking some time to enjoy the sounds and textures of life, but it's hard to carve out the time, to convince others and myself. And this is the beautiful thing about babies and children. While we spend time thinking about the future, they are very much more interested in now, which is wonderful.... BB

Olivia said...

Geodizzle - I enjoy PH's blog. It's the way she cherishes the details, takes advantage of every waking hour, and her impeccable taste and *special* passion for living.

Yes, PH, are your ears burning??

Planethalder said...

Thank you all, and welcome Geodizzle!