Friday, March 21, 2008


The four days of Easter begin and, aside from Easter Sunday when my mother-in-law, her friend and my sister-in-law visit for the day, the time is all my own. Do I tackle the brisk wind outside and catch a movie in town (Love In The Time Of Cholera), look at fabric for curtains and sofas in John Lewis, and check out a few art exhibitions (John Virtue and Antony Gormley). Or do I simply snuggle in at home for the day with a good book, my magazines, a DVD or two, and comfort food.

There is a part of me that feels I should 'save' snuggling for maternity leave and get out and about while I still comfortably can.

I'll see how I feel after I've drunk my coffee, read a few chapters of my book (The Inheritance Of Loss) and flipped through April's editions of O and Real Homes magazines - all without leaving my warm bed. It's the holidays after all. Who really needs to decide anything...


Bombay Beauty said...

I'm very hesitant to Love in the Time of Cholera. One of my favourite books. How could they capture it on film? Possible, but so unlikely... Sometimes it's great to have choices but then to choose to stay home! Cheers, BB

Olivia said...

I vote for snuggling. It's freezing out there and you'll have to go out in it next week when you return to work.