Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Easter drift

In the end I didn't do much more than drift from one thing to another without purpose, which makes a refreshing change as I am a woman who likes to plan.

I watched season premieres of House and Grey's Anatomy, neither of which I've seen before, as well as the new Dirty Sexy Money, which is looking promising. I chatted with my parents and with M over the phone twice a day as he travelled between Jacksonville and Manhattan (where I'd instructed - whoops, requested - him to look at camcorders, laptops and DKNY clothing for me). I watched Brief Encounter and a few episodes of The Waltons on DVD. I watched The Way We Were. I filled my bags at the Food Hall in John Lewis and cabbed it home, chatting about Thailand with the affable taxi driver who has a Thai wife and 8 month old daughter living in Issan. I ate alot of Green & Black's milk chocolate and blood red oranges and marmite on toast, though not all together. I stayed in bed late, sleeping, napping, reading Hullabaloo In The Guava Orchard and The Inheritance Of Loss, and listening to Loretta Lynn, Leonard Cohen and Lambchop on my iPod. I wrote in my journal - a pretty pink and cream Japanese notebook from London Mitsukoshi's JP Books. I did laundry but I couldn't be bothered to hoover and dust the house despite my mother-in-law coming over on Easter Monday (today). I showed her around the new house. We went out to eat Turkish food with her friend and my sister-in-law and we looked at baby photos of M. We watched the 4D video of Little Planet's scan. I watched my belly dance as the baby did her rolling and kicking and hiccuping routine inside me. I browsed baby and nursery products from independent sellers on the internet. I read other peoples' blogs. And tomorrow morning I am off to my parents' house to eat home-cooked curries and drift aimlessly for another week.

I miss M so much. It's the longest we've been apart. I know from my own experience that a life spent largely alone can be rich and rewarding if you continually endeavour to make it so. But it's wonderful how much texture, shape and rhythm a loved one gives to one's day.


Rohini said...

Hi there. Thanks for dropping my. Your relaxing Easter weekend is turning me green with envy.

My husband was away for two months (other than the alternate weekend) when I was pregnant and I felt positively abandoned... don't think I'll ever let him forget it ;-)

Bombay Beauty said...

Glad you're doing well while M's away. Sometimes a directionless weekend in the middle of a busy period can be a necessary, even nice point of inflection and rest.

I had my parents visiting. We did a little bit of running around, but mostly they seemed to enjoy sitting at home, talking, reading, writing. Exactly the kinds of things you can't do long distance...


SilentOne said...

Happy Easter to you too. Your weekend sounds like fun.

Are you already on maternity leave ? I could be mistaken, but I remember reading you are on it from around mid/end April..

Olivia said...

"Absence makes the heart grow fonder".

*gasp* cannot believe you never saw House or Grey's Anatomy, but then of course you have so many wonderful things to fill your life with, other than TV.

Are you absolutely sure you didn't eat chocolate, oranges, and marmite on toast together, huh? ;)

Do you like milk or dark choc? Have you ever tried Pierre Marcolini (he is a proper chocolatier with London branch in Church Street Kensington), or failing that, Carte d'Or?

Planethalder said...

Rohini - my goodness, two months?!

BB - glad you enjoyed with your parents - I'm with mine now but at their house and it's lovely seeing them of course but the pace and pattern of life is very very different from my life in London - not as much to do.

Silent One - not starting maternity leave until 1st May but taking annual leave from mid April.

O - Yes, it's a struggle to catch and keep watching TV shows as life is so busy but now I've bought a HDD recorder and now I'm slowing down into maternity leave and I think it's a good time to start :-)