Saturday, September 15, 2007

Lunchtime treats

My office is minutes away from some fantastic modern art galleries but it's rare that I have time to visit during a work week. Usually I get my art fix on the weekend with my husband, but as I knew I would be away this weekend visiting my parents in the suburbs while M worked, I couldn't let these shows go on without me. So I grabbed a half hour here and there throughout the busy week and escaped into other worlds.

Lucy Williams' mixed media, low relief collages of mid-20th century Modernist architecture at the Timothy Taylor Gallery on Dering Street - the minute rendering of every single detail from paper leaves to tapestry skies, from Perspex walls to mesh shadows is exquisite.

Anthony Caro's new sculptures made from galvanised steel - like hulking great beasts barging their way into the Annely Juda Fine Art Gallery on Dering Street. Words completely fail me on this one, I was so overwhelmed by how amazing these pieces were. I have to return again, and again, and hopefully will be able to write about it better the next time.

Less engaging but still worth leaving the office for this week were Paul Graham's filmic, lo-fi colour photos of working class American life at the Anthony Reynolds Gallery, David Lamelas' 1972 looped 16mm film projection of a young woman engaged in a number of mundane activities such as walking in the park, doing some paperwork and mopping up a spilled glass of water, at the Spruth & Magers Gallery, and New York feminist artist the late Hannah Wilke at the Alison Jacques Gallery

Better than shopping and wreaking havoc with my bank balance during my lunch break. Though this week I did still manage to also pop into John Smedley for another cardigan, into DKNY for another ti-shirt, and into the Sanderson for a Very Cherry cocktail (but luckily the latter was with a client and it was on expenses).

It's Friday night and M is on his way home and we're going to snuggle up with a good movie and a plate full of fish and chips! I've barely seen him these past few weeks, I miss him terribly, and really all I can do is make the most of my time without him and cherish any chance I get to be with him.

Have a lovely weekend all!


Bombay Beauty said...

Thanks for these gallery tips. I'm very much in a gallery mood these days. It's strange. There were so many galleries in New York, and I did go, but maybe because there a few less here I find them more accessible and the average quality a bit higher. Or maybe it's just me, away from home and with more time on my hands. Cheer, BBr

Planethalder said...

My pleasure BB. I hope you enjoy them. There are so many galleries here within easy walking distance of each other (and of my office). Okay, so on the weekends I can peruse at my leisure and during weekdays I can only rush round them in haste due to lack of time but it's something at least.

Let me know what you thought of them.