Saturday, September 08, 2007

Friday on my mind

The end of another busy but productive and stimulating work week. I thrive on weeks like this one, when I am called to juggle a million and one different things at once and things still get done and get done well. Slowing or paring down is not an option in my job. I've found that the key to getting it all done at the same time is to focus on just one thing at a time even if it's only for one minute. Even a minute of my time is worth devoting my attention fully to something, if that makes sense.

Stress is unavoidable of course and sometimes you simply have to let off steam. But I've found that most times the public expression of stress at work aggravates and escalates problems rather than solves them. I try my best to keep stress from affecting my behaviour with my colleagues. I don't always succeed in hiding it but when I do it's almost always worth it. Everyone becomes a little calmer, heads clear and solutions to things surface more readily as a result I think.

Anyway, my Friday began with breakfast with my husband in the Garden Cafe in the middle of Russell Square, chatting about each other's work, watching people cross the Square to the university or their offices, sharing a bland croissant and sipping weak coffees. Then we went our separate ways, not quite sure whether we'd see each other again before bedtime or even before Saturday morning.

After work, I browsed the womenswear in Liberty and the books in Waterstone's in Piccadilly, dined on stir-fried beef with chillies and black bean sauce plus egg fried rice in HK Diner in Chinatown, then strolled through a heaving Soho to pick up la tarte aux framboises from Paul on Old Compton Street to take home with me.

At home, sprawled out on the sofa, I savoured the tarte and a novel and periodic phone conversations with M as he worked through the night in his office in the City.

Goodnight M, I love you!


Bombay Beauty said...

A few random thoughts while I was reading your post

(1) The UK still suffers from the problem of blandness. Croissants look good, but are often tasteless. I normally make my own soups, but I just got back from a trip so couldn't make it this week. Bought two very tasty looking soups from Waitrose. Great looks, no flavor.
(2) Paul however does not suffer from this. Everything in there looks good and tastes good!
(3) What book are you reading now?


lottie said...

Love the shot of your tart. I got my table and green chairs a couple of years ago from a second hand shop on Hatfields. It is an old 1960s kitchen table. The shop is hit and miss depending on what's around but sometimes has real gems.

Olivia said...

Oddly enough, we had flakier, fluffier croissants in Houston. Most of the bread in London disappoints me now, even Pauls. However, have you ever tried the bakery at Whole Foods Market on Kensington High Street? MMmmmmmm, perfect texture, crust and taste. Ironically, it's an American chain!

Those City hours are horrendous, but it's sweet that you two kept in touch. Aaaaahhhhhhh. :)

Planethalder said...

Hi BB - I'm reading some mindless and very enjoyable chick lit - Jane Fallon's Getting Rid Of Matthew.

Hi Lottie - I love your kitchen furniture!

Hi Olivia - Two of our local bakeries do fantastically fluffy and buttery croissants, luckily. Interestingly, they are both Turkish owned I think.