Saturday, December 23, 2006


My life in London is filled with activity, with talk, with motion. For sure, at my parents' house for Christmas, I've been busy filling up my gift registry online, filling out visa forms, helping my father with his wedding speech, buying travel insurance online, emailing my Indian family with our itinerary, watching old 70s sitcoms Terry & June and Love Thy Neighbour on the DVD player we bought my parents for Christmas, shopping, and cooking and eating yummy curries such as cauliflower, beef with mixed vegetables, and king prawns with spinach and sweet potatoes.

But going home to my parents' house is like returning to the womb. They live in suburbia and there is little to do except eat, chat, think and dream. A kind of hibernation takes place when I visit them alone - my chance to operate at my own pace, to be still, to reflect.

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