Thursday, December 21, 2006

Changing for the better

How has life changed since I started dating him?
  • I was out and about when I was single, but it was often easier to be a couch potato. It's less easy with him because he loves being active.
  • I pay much more attention to my grooming habits and the way I look in general.
  • I eat better: He loves good quality food and loves cooking; I'm inclined to eat junk. Living with him makes me eat better!
  • I don't succumb as often to lazy thinking: He has a curious mind and is always reading The Economist, Wallpaper, the Financial Times, or Wired. I enjoy reading these much more now we're together and can chat about what we have read.
  • I don't overthink things or sweat the small stuff: Perhaps he's a classic man, but with him I have fewer opportunities to dwell on things I can't change, and endeavour to change the things I can.
  • I've watched a lot more Asian movies and listened to a lot more Latin and North African music since I've been going out with him. Whole new cultural worlds have opened up to me.
There are many more...

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