Tuesday, January 11, 2011


A new year, a new resolve: to get my toddler potty trained. Well, her childminders have started to train her and we will have to continue the efforts each weekend. So far she's drawn a blank - a blank face that is: "No, no, no" or simply refusal to acknowledge the potty by blanking us all and changing the subject. Not even pointing out to her all her little potty-trained friends works as she cares not for peer pressure. Writing a novel is easy by comparison. Watch this space...

Have also realised, in shock, that as she is a Summer-born baby she will start school in September 2012. Not pre-school but proper primary school. Gulp. That's next year. She had better be out of nappies by then.


memyhubbynbaby said...

Its the same story here. I'm waiting Ash to take the initiative now :)

Tracey said...

Good luck!

If you are in England you can defer their school place until the term after they are 5 if you think they are not ready. Being just 4 is very different to being just 5. Where we are they now only do one September intake but they told me people do defer. I'm dreading having to be up so early to get everyone ready and out the door!

Planethalder said...

Good luck Priyanka - let me know what works for you with little A. I bought my little one some colourful knickers that she really loves. I told her that she can wear these all the time if she learns to do her business on the potty .

Hi Tracey - thanks for sharing your beautiful photos with everyone :-) Developmentally and emotionally my toddler is definitely ready for school next year. Emotionally I am not so ready myself! But unless she protests alot then she will be in school at 4 years old (like her mama!).

Anonymous said...


My two cents :
1. We got my daughter the colourful knickers too and made a big fuss of her wearing them.
2. We did not use the pull-up's - rather we transitioned her directly from nappies to no nappies.
3. We made her use the big toilet directly with a toilet seat, it worked better because she wanted to use the toilet that we adults use and made her feel all 'growed-up'..
4. Do not distinguish between a wee-wee and poo-poo. We made that mistake and it was much much harder to get her to use the toilet for a poo than a wee.
5. Take her to the toilet regularly initially (every hour or two hours - even if she protests ), depending on your observation and slowly she will learn to tell you herself.

Good luck.