Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Dare to go grey

I first noticed a strand of grey hair when I turned 20. As I progressed through my 20s, that single strand gained siblings - lots of them. I started dyeing my hair at 30 and have been dyeing it ever since. In between colouring sessions, I notice my roots are salt and pepper - there is still a lot of natural black in there but yes, there is also a lot of grey. I would say that my natural hair is much like the woman's hair in the first photo below.

A part of me thinks I am still too young to go au natural, especially as I live in a youth-obsessed culture and work/worked in a youth-obsessed industry. But then I see photos like these and it makes me think. These women are stunning, aren't they. And they've kept their long, lustrous hair. Hmmm, much to ponder on.


Rohini said...

Same pinch!

Linked this up to my current post

Cary said...

I am totally going to wear my grey proudly. The thought of roots and dye and money wasted makes my head spin!!!!

dipali said...

Grey hair and a young face looks awesome!