Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The long re-edit

The first draft of the novel is complete! Now the long re-write, because it really, really needs it. I think this is how I will attempt the re-draft:
  1. Print out each chapter
  2. Read paper copy of each chapter and annotate changes after a fresh re-read
  3. Re-type the chapter fresh into a new document and re-write as I do so
  4. Then put aside and start on the next chapter
  5. Try not to think about the next book, as I have the idea, structure and notes for that already. Step away, Planethalder!
I started re-drafting Chapter 1 yesterday using this process and it seems to be working. But we'll see. It can all change if I discover plot holes or weak characters etc.


Metropolitan Mum said...

Fingers crossed for you. I shall bookmark this post and try your approach once I'll get there. Until then... logging off NOW :) xx

Planethalder said...

I'm now re-editing/re-typing chapter 4 and have already scrapped a character and re-worked (actually, made more prominent) a key sub-plot. I'm enjoying the re-write than the original write!

Good luck to you :-)