Tuesday, September 02, 2008

New discoveries, reprise

And today, Little Planet made the connection between the spinning of the wooden red teddy on her BabyBjorn bouncing chair and her own hand. When she spun it, she looked at the teddy, looked at her hand, then looked at her arm. Then she kept repeating the process. It's wonderful when parents can be present to witness such discoveries, as The Normal Self can attest to.


Orchid said...

i was off the blog scene for a while and hence missed wishing you.
congrats on your baby and welcome to parenthood!

Premalatha said...

It is wonderful to be there when the babies are discovering their world. I fondly remember how Avni tried to bring her hands to grab a rattle for the first time. she was making noises as if she was lifting a huge load and her hands moved slowly towards the rattle I was holding. sweet.

Happy discoveried, Little Planet.

WA said...

:) I clearly remember when the lad lifting his hand up when I was about to put a jumper on him. Admittedly this was all a million years ago