Sunday, September 14, 2008

Weekend notes

  • Hanging white sheets up to dry on the line in the glorious sunshine
  • Viewing the throwaway but enjoyable The Women remake at the Apollo
  • Eating tofu salad and crab sushi rolls at Itsu
  • Viewing Mari Sunna's disturbingly beautiful Winter Pictures exhibition at The Approach
  • Buying tuna steaks from the John Lewis Food Hall and eating them lightly grilled with a rocket, avocado and pine nut salad
  • Buying goats cheese, sourdough bread, plums, apples and chocolate cake from the Alexandra Park farmers' market
  • Painting the nursery
  • Pruning the shrubs in the garden in a Japanese style
  • Lounging around reading trashy People and US magazines
  • Eating roasted chicken for Sunday dinner along with homemade pesto made with basil from our garden
  • Getting down on the floor with Little Planet during her tummy time sessions and taking a zillion photos and videos as she holds herself up at 90 degrees, attempts to reach out for her toys, makes crawling movements and rolls over from tummy to back
  • Changing her outfits a thousand times as she dribbles on them all due to teething (the teeth may not actually appear for a while though)
  • Getting frustrated because she is feeding less and in a fussy manner but this may be due to her gum discomfort or another developmental issue - will observe over next week or so
  • Laughing over the fact that she now shouts out loud and relentlessly when she wants our attention!
  • Little Planet has a new friend. It's no longer Mr Sunshine but Mr Dinosaur


Anonymous said...

I still cannot believe the amount of hair on that lovely head. Really woow!!


Premalatha said...

such a sweetie pie. Lovely.

miapan said...

Can i baby sit this lovely pudding, just for a day ?!!!!!!!!!!!! please !!!!!!!! :)

Planethalder said...

Thank you. And yes, her hair is amazing - M and I both had full heads of hair when we were born but even Little P has much more than we had.

Anonymous said...

Hey!! you've been awarded. Collect please!


Olivia said...

Look at those gorgeous big eyes! Such a doll :)