Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Nuzzling and snuggling

Usually, when M is in the country, he gives Little Planet her first feed of the day around 7am, while I shower and get ready, and then he takes her down to the kitchen, sits her in her bouncy chair and has his breakfast. I then come down and he goes upstairs to get ready for work. After he has left, Little P is ready for her nap and our day moves on.

This week, M is away again and the baby and I have been doing things a little differently. We snooze for longer in the morning and I feed her at 7.30am instead, and then I put her in her cot surrounded by toys while I shower. I get back to the room within 10 minutes and then I put her in the centre of the bed, put on BBC News on our bedroom TV, surround her with some toys and then she watches me as I get dressed. She is particularly mesmerised by me brushing and blow-drying my hair and putting cream on my skin. Then I lie down next to her on the bed. She is now just in her nappy, as opposed to fully dressed when M is here and looking after her in the kitchen. I watch the news and nuzzle into her, and I stroke her skin - her chest, her neck, her legs, her feet - with my hands and her toys. She smiles at me and holds her toys and snuggles into me and we stay like this together, snuggling and nuzzling, for half an hour or so before my stomach growls and I have to dress her and take her down to the kitchen for my breakfast.

I am loving my early mornings with her, just the two of us.

Though I am still waiting impatiently for it to be just the three of us again, this Saturday...


S said...

Some of my strongest memories of my mother from being a child are of watching her do her hair and make up. It is mesmerising.


Anonymous said...

the hair..the hair!!! wow!! :D


I love Lucy said...

She looks like a little angel :)
Absolutely edible!(in a good way of course!)

Olivia said...

She is developing into quite the little girlie!

I'm so glad to hear you enjoy snuggling and interacting with her. You make a good mummy, don't worry.

I will never forget the smell of my mother's old Worth perfume, her scented lotions and powders, even the aroma of old fashioned lipstick.