Saturday, August 30, 2008

New discoveries

Little Planet discovered both her hands and her feet today. Not that she realises they are connected to her. I am sure she thinks they are simply interesting new toys.

I left her in her pram in the hallway as I ate my lunch after our morning walk today. I'd left her there simply because she seemed drowsy and content to lie there quietly. After twenty minutes or so I could hear her sighing and when I peeked in at her I saw her studying her left hand as she rotated it this way and that and wiggled her fingers.

Later on in the day, after her afternoon nap, we'd placed her in her bouncy chair in the kitchen and concentrated on preparing the dinner we would eat after she went to bed. When I looked over, she was looking down at her foot and rotating it this way and that. She refused to be distracted by us and continued to study the foot she was moving.

She doesn't need us to wave toys in front of her face or to sing endless songs to her to discover the world. She can do just as well discovering the world on her own.

Aren't babies amazing?

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Bombay Beauty said...


When does one's body cease to be a miraculous discovery and just become an old wreck?