Monday, June 23, 2008

All about poo

Email to M, who resumed work today.

"It's 4.15pm and I am finally able to get some lunch. Little P has had such a struggle today trying to pass some poo that every time she fed, I burped her, carried her around and then put her down and she was inconsolable. I've finally got the poor little thing down. I feel very sorry for my parents as I have snapped at them thrice and my Dad now wants to go home, so I have explained how stressed I've been and it's okay now. But I am on tenterhooks to see if Little P awakes again. Your mum advised to give her some water so I did. Hopefully that will help her pass her stuff. On a positive note, she enjoyed her outing to the local shops today until the very last minute when the poo began to hurt her. Can't believe I am emailing you about poo. What has happened to me? :-)



Premalatha said...

It is very important that little P does not constipate at this stage as her tissues are soft and hard poo might tear out her tissues when coming out. I was advised to give loads and loads of boiled cooled water. esp for the bottle fed babies, hard poo problem is common and water is must. if the problem gets worse, give her 1ml of lactulose.

Planethalder said...

Thanks for the advice Premalatha. Yes, we're giving a little water to her too. It's turned out that it was trapped wind she was struggling to pass rather than poo as her poo is still a good wet Colman's mustard consistency and regular. I can't believe I am blogging and commenting about baby poo ;-) (I can't believe I am commenting when I should be eating my lunch when I have the opportunity as she sleeps!).

Priyanka said...

OMG! Can't believe I missed your baby's birth announcement. She is SO CUTE ! CONGRATULATIONS !!

WA said...

Note to self, do not visit PH's blog just before lunch :)

Hope all is well with the little P