Saturday, March 31, 2007

Yoghi, bulgogi and choy sum

It's been another good week for eating. On Monday, we ate chicken leftover from our Sunday roast, with homemade green pesto, sauteed potatoes, fresh tomatoes and fresh spinach tossed with garlic.

On Tuesday, I met my husband (I still love saying that!) for lunch at Just Falafs on Wardour Street in Soho. He chose a regular falafal wrap, but I chose a Yoghi Bear: a wrap with falafal, grated carrot, beetroot and mixed sprouts with yoghurt and cucumber sauce. It was so lovely seeing him smiling at me in the sunshine outside my office that I couldn't help but leap into his arms and smother him in kisses, much to the amusement of our door man. That evening we cooked deep fried chilli tofu with choi sum.

Wednesday's lunch was with colleagues at Ping Pong in NoHo where we ate a selection of delectable dim sum, from steamed - har gau (prawn and bamboo), scallop and shitake, spring onion and coriander wonton, Shanghai siew long bun (chopped pork and ginger consommé in traditional Shanghai pastry) - to fried - crispy hoi sin duck, Vietnamese spring roll. Along with sticky rice wrapped in lotus leaf. Wednesday's dinner was home-cooked spaghetti bolognese courtesy of Aldo Zilli, with rough-edged spaghetti - to encourage the sauce to cling - courtesy of the very lovely Italian deli Lina Stores on Brewer Street in Soho.

Thursday's dinner was with my cousin and her husband at the Korean restaurant Koba on Rathbone Street in Fitzrovia, a few minutes from my office, where we enjoyed marinated beef bulgogi, which they barbequed on the grill set in the middle of our table, and pickled vegetables.

Tonight, M and I met up at the British Museum for their A New World: England's First View of America menu at the Court Restaurant. We hadn't enjoyed the exhibition, but were willing to give the special menu a chance. High up under the magnificent glass domed roof, we ate Boston clam chowder, white ricotta and cheddar cannelloni with baby spinach and crisp quail egg, Maine kingcrab claws and crab cake with avocado and mango coulis and a cress salad, and vanilla and chocolate cheesecake with orange ceviche and strawberry sorbet. The savouries were fresh, flavourful and finely balanced; the dessert truly creamy and decadent. The service was also incredibly friendly. I can't wait to return and sample their normal menu.

And it doesn't stop. Tomorrow we're going to Loughborough for M's aunt's 70th birthday lunch, where no doubt there will be much more eating.

On Sunday, I promise I will eat with more restraint, not.

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