Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Two hours behind

Sunday was a much quieter affair where we left home just to shop for provisions. We flipped through some of our favourite magazines and newspapers - I love Marie Claire, Red and, ahem (I'm not that old, honest!) Easy Living for the mix of fashion, gossip and articles not necessarily just about sex, and we both devour the weekend FT, The Economist, The Observer Food Monthly and Wallpaper*.

Our new favourite magazine is Wallpaper* founder Tyler Brûlé's newly launched Monocle. Brûlé was a newspaper journalist writing for The Sunday Times, Stern and The Guardian, but after being shot by a sniper during the Afghanistan war in 1994 and losing the use of his left hand, he left journalism and launched Wallpaper*. His new magazine features similar articles to Wallpaper* on design, fashion, interiors and travel but then a host of others from current affairs and business to marketing and culture. Each edition also features a cracking good manga episode called Kita Koga by Takanori Yasaka, which I'm fast becoming addicted to. The first edition of Monocle featured a terrific article on the impact of China's growing influence in Africa. An article on the new power players in Ecuador gripped me from the second edition. I only hope they sell enough copies (and advertising) to keep going (long enough to be bought out at least, à la Wallpaper*).

Sundays in our little household of two are also about leisurely cooking: a chicken rice congee spiced with Szechuan peppers and red chilli flakes warmed us up for lunch. For dinner we slow roasted a chicken stuffed with lemons and ate it with glossy fresh spinach leaves and pearl barley mixed with sultanas and parsley.

We also watched one of the Bengali DVDs we bought during our honeymoon: son of Satyajit Ray, Sandip Ray's Nishi Japon or After the Night, Dawn - a terrific psychological drama (Bengali films are seldom like Bollywood) about a family getting stranded in their home in the Darjeeling hills after an earthquake.

By the time we finished dinner we were completely satisfied that at 7.30 pm we still had the whole night ahead of us - until my mum phoned us and alerted us to the fact that it was in fact 9.30 pm. We had put our clocks back an hour this morning rather than forwards. Doh!

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