Saturday, May 29, 2010

Domestic Saturday

It rained all day today so, unlike yesterday, we didn't do much except catch up with things domestic.

A man came round first thing to hang curtains up in the nursery. Little Planet had an amusing conversation with the man she calls Mr Curtain Man:

"Hello Mr Curtain Man!"
"Hello little one. How are you?"
"I'm drinking!"
We all roar with laughter.
Put out by our laughter, Little Planet exclaims "It's not funny!"

The curtains are lovely - a Harlequin print called Far Far Away: cream with colourful prints of hot air balloons, rickshaws, yellow cabs, elephants, gondolas and red double deckers (photo above).

Afterwards, we went shopping - shoes, sandals and shorts for Little Planet, magazines and general provisions for us.

In the afternoon, we cleaned the house and sorted out the study - going through all our paperwork, filing boxes and miscellaneous things we've dumped there (photo above). We still have stuff to go through, but we've made progress. The study is the only room in the house now that needs de-cluttering.

Little Planet played on the floor during all this cleaning and sorting. Now that her vocabulary is exploding, her capacity for imaginary play is expanding and it was a joy today to see her playing with her cars and garage, and her little people in their play school, creating scenarios.

I spent a lot of time reading stories with her too - books like Meg On The Moon and Tea With Bea, plus story apps on my iPhone such as Kidztory's The Tortoise And The Hare (photo above). I find reading with her extremely relaxing. My favourite way to unwind during the week after a hard day's work is reading bedtime stories with her.

After her bedtime, M made homemade pizzas - one with mozzarella, capers and anchovies, the other with mozzarella, artichokes and asparagus (photo below).

Now M's watching David Lynch's Inland Empire but I'm simply not in the mood for such an obtuse and surreal film so I am snuggled on the other sofa with some trashy magazines and my iPhone open at Google Reader.

There's a treacle tart in the oven, which we'll devour smothered in cream.

It's been a good, productive day at home, but I do hope the sun shines tomorrow and on Bank Holiday Monday.

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newmumontheblock said...

Very cute curtains :) What kind of stuff have you done in lil Planet's nursery? I'm doing up my daughter's nursery now and could do with some ideas!