Monday, May 31, 2010


After a day at home on Saturday, we were itching to go out and about again. So on Sunday, after M's usual run and our breakfast of homemade granola, fresh berries and smoked cheese, we went to visit my parents. Here are M and Little Planet running around the garden there:

My mum came back home with us for lunch and we spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing in the garden. M made banana bread and chicken stock (below):

Sunday dinner was roast chicken, roasted tomatoes on the vine and mashed potatoes.

Monday was a public holiday in the UK and we spent most of the day on the Southbank. We got off the Tube at Covent Garden and walked through Trafalgar Square, showing Little Planet the fountains and lions:

Then we crossed the river and walked along the Southbank, looking at the elephant statues, skateboarders and boats; climbing over the oversize astroturf furniture outside the National Theatre; pausing for coffee at Benugo at the BFI, where Little Planet enjoyed some crayoning and M caught up with work emails:

Here's Little Planet running to her heart's content towards Gabriel's Wharf, with St Paul's Cathedral and the Gherkin in the distance:

We lunched at the excellent, child-friendly Canteen behind the Royal Festival Hall. M ate fish and chips, I ate sausages, mash and onion gravy, and Little Planet had scrambled eggs on toast (though she ate more of our food than hers):

And then we headed home, where Little Planet napped then played, I read (my own books and with Little Planet) and M worked. After Little Planet's bedtime, M cooked a risotto with homemade chicken stock, broad beans and asparagus.

We'll eat it soon. M's back at work tomorrow and Little Planet's back at daycare. But I will still be off work, so I am spending the day with my mum and we will go out for a South Indian meal for lunch.

M's out tomorrow night and I am in Paris on Wednesday with a client and will be back late so really we won't see each other until Thursday.

Roll on next weekend and Little Planet's 2nd birthday!

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Anonymous said...

Nice pics. I love to see kids running on wide open spaces, they look so FREE!
Can't wait to read Lil P's B'day post.