Monday, January 19, 2009

The weekend list

Beginning to research our childcare options / Terribly excited at the thought of returning to work, even though I still have 4 more months of maternity leave left / Terribly sad at the thought of leaving Little Planet every day, even though she will undoubtedly thrive in the company of other adults and children (as I did when my own mother returned to fulltime work as a paediatrician when I was 8 months old) / Giving Little Planet her first taste of egg - scrambled - which she didn't screw her adorable little face up at (at 7 months, she's been on solids for 2 months now and still can't be bothered with food - she's not an eager eater and still has no more than 3 or 4 tablespoons of solids per meal; despite this she is eating meat, rusks and lumpy food; the two things she gets excited about and eagerly opens her mouth for are strawberry and apple puree, and water!).

Going into town on my own and browsing the sales along Bond Street but buying nothing / Spending too much money instead in the lingerie departments of Marks & Spencer and John Lewis / Devouring one of my all time favourite comfort food dishes - dolsot bibimbap - at Biwon near the British Museum / Stocking up on green and Indian teas at Postcard Teas on Dering Street and chatting with the owner - Timothy D'Offay - about our babies / Having a lovely pedicure at the Aveda Institute on High Holborn / Returning home to eat M's deliciously cooked pot au poulet / Ending Saturday night with a few episodes of gritty police drama The Wire on DVD / Early to bed / Suffering a sleepless night as torrential, lashing rain and gusty winds shook the house and scared Little Planet in particular.

Waking up to a calmer, brighter and sun-filled Sunday morning / Giving Little Planet her first taste of yoghurt (mixed with strawberry and apple puree and some organic, sugar-free rusk) / Savouring several hours of pottering around at home, completely alone, while M took Little Planet out to visit her aunt - usually I leave the house and head into town to get some "me time" (as on Saturday), so it's nice being able to veg out at home on my own / Cheese on toast for lunch and M made tonkatsu for dinner / Another early night and this time a settled one for all of us and there were no gales.

Another week begins and I am sad because M will be away in the States again :-(


Another Kiran In NYC said...

Childcare options... so its already that time in childrearing life is it? I remember the nervousness, the endless interviewing of nannies and inspections of daycare facilities.

Tell us how the search is going.

bird's eye view said...

Wow, you're so lucky to get a year off of leave. I have to go back to full time work from February 1st - have already been back halftime since dec - and am so not ready to leave the kiddos at home. Each time i spend more time with them, I feel worse about working...

Olivia said...

Hey my fellow Aveda buff! I had my hair done there last week.

I can't believe it's been so long since you started your leave! Where does the time go?
Sounds like she is a fussy eater, like I was, but she's a better eater than I was. I survived for a long time on less than 3 or 4 tbsps per meal!!
My mother thanked God every day that I drank lots of milk while growing up.

I ordered a bento box the other day for dinner. I wanted tonkatsu but mistakenly ordered plain chicken katsu. Tut tut, but I only like it in the curry sauce!

Planethalder said...

Olivia, I wonder if Little P will be petite as you are... She seems to be... It's reassuring that you too were a fussy eater and yet here you are today enjoying eating out :-) There is hope after all!

Olivia said...

Of course, in my opinion time is catching up with me, but most people still find me petite and slim, though ANY extra weight on me feels so noticeable.

You're right, it's ironic how much I love food now, like I am making up for all those lost years. I only knew what an appetite felt like after I'd moved to Texas at age 12.

Now, about LP: It's likely that she will be naturally petite especially if you and M have small bones.

I was first skinny due to the starving (NHS did nothing), then found out as an adult that I am naturally petite as well.

She looks that way, with her big eyes :) However it's entirely possible that not having been born early (thereby without a defective swallowing reflex) she will start eating normally years before I did.