Friday, January 30, 2009

Busy, busy, busy

There's lots going on over the next two weeks, so I thought I would blog in advance of all the activities. Today, I am hosting a coffee morning and lunch for two of my antenatal class mummies and their babies and then my mother-in-law is driving down for the week from her home in Shropshire. Tomorrow, my mother-in-law will look after Little Planet as M and I go into town alone to check out some exhibitions, have a lovely Indian meal and then head over to the Barbican in the evening for a performance of Shun-kin. On Sunday, I'll go with my mother-in-law to see Revolutionary Road while M stays at home to look after the baby and no doubt cook something delicious for our dinner. On Monday, I host another mummy and baby coffee morning. Tuesday morning will be spent interviewing childminders. M has Wednesday onwards off work so we will interview more childcare providers and then take Little Planet into town to meet my work colleagues. On Thursday, my mother-in-law will look after the baby again so M and I can spend the day in town alone - I'm keen on seeing Gus Van Sant's Milk.

On Friday through Monday, I will be spending time with my parents in Norfolk while M looks after Little Planet. He's been working very long hours in recent weeks - often not returning home until after midnight - so he is relishing this opportunity to spend alone time with her. In turn, I am looking forward to lie ins and not being bound by the clock all the time (Little Planet's feeds, naps and bedtime).

On Monday, I bring my mum down to London where she will stay with us for a week. Tuesday is M's last day of holiday, so I will take my mum to see Slumdog Millionaire (which I have seen, but she hasn't) and the four of us will also go out together - perhaps for a walk in Hyde Park or Regent's Park. Then, as M returns to work, my mum and I will spend quality time with the baby for the rest of the week.


Bombay Beauty said...

Saw Revolutionary Road last week -- rather enjoyed it, though it's a sad film and one that hits home -- BB

Olivia said...

Kate Winslet seems to be in everything right now - Revolutionary Road, and The Reader.