Thursday, January 15, 2009

Back to earth

What a whirlwind the holiday season was. We had so many guests, the house was packed, and there was endless activity. I was really looking forward to the New Year when M, Little Planet and I could spend quiet time together and yet after everyone left I slumped completely. I got a cold and then felt very lonely and a little depressed - the house was suddenly too quiet.

The holiday season was wonderful. We ate roast goose for Christmas lunch and baked ham for Boxing Day lunch. M bought me a sumptuous black wool coat from Pringle and chocolate brown leather gloves from Brooks Brothers for my Christmas gift. Our Christmas tree was laden with gifts from and for all our guests (as you can see from one of the photos below). Little Planet had a fabulous time being showered with cuddles and kisses.

Everyone had left by the New Year. That night, M and I woke up Little Planet as 2008 turned into 2009, and the three of us watched the neighbour's fireworks from our bedroom window. So far this year, we have taken Little Planet for buggy strolls around Regent's and Hyde Parks, taken her sales shopping in Marylebone, and popped into the Serpentine gallery with her to view the Indian Highway exhibition. I went into town again this weekend gone, alone, and watched the movie Slumdog Millionaire, which I really enjoyed.

2009 signals a return to work for me, around April or May. I've been chatting with colleagues and I am really looking forward to returning. We are fortunate in that I don't need to return to work for financial reasons. I simply miss the excitement and the gossip and the adult company. I really enjoy my job and am thinking of returning fulltime. So I have begun the new year investigating childcare options.

This will be a busy, busy year for me. For the three of us, in fact.


Bombay Beauty said...
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Bombay Beauty said...

Sorry... the last one had more than my usual share of typos...

I've missed the sales on the Marylebone High Street -- disastrous. I liked Slumdog too... 2009 will be wonderful I'm sure... BB

Olivia said...

Funny, I thought of you this morning and realised I missed your lovely posts and the mental gallivants you provide. Welcome back, Planet!

Planethalder said...

Thank you girls. Happy New Year to you both in NYC (still there BB?). Good luck in DC, Olivia!