Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Simply pak choi

I work a ten minute walk from Chinatown and love strolling down there during the day when I get a free moment. It's so much quieter and sometimes I have the entire store - be it Loon Fung, New Loon Moon or SeeWoo - to myself.

Yesterday, I picked up a large bag of baby pak choi from SeeWoo - they always have the best selection of fresh vegetables. In the evening, I steamed some pak choi with udon noodles and king prawns for a refreshingly light yet filling meal for M and I. Tonight, I served them with teriyaki burgers I made from the fantastic Harumi's Japanese Home Cooking book. The teriyaki sauce was quick and easy to make - I simply heated together mirin, soy sauce and caster sugar. The burgers were simply minced beef mixed with chilli flakes and a little egg, baked for 15 minutes in the oven.

I still have loads of pak choi left. I wonder what I can make tomorrow night...

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