Saturday, July 07, 2007

Friday night picnic

Argentinian Malbec / 2002 Medoc / Fresh basil / Rocket / Cherries / Wild blueberry jam / Peanut butter / Very Berry muesli / Marcona almonds / Soft goats cheese wrapped in cherry leaves / Gorgonzola piccante / Brie / Gouda with caraway seeds / Hard cheese with hayflower / Sheeps milk yoghurts in apricot and blackcurrant flavours / Lomo / Spicy salami / Sun blush tomatoes / Kalamata olive bread / Apricot and oatmeal bread / Green tea infused creme brule / Dark chocolate bark with goji berries / Dark chocolate mandarin fondants.

We met up after work tonight at Whole Foods Market in Kensington, stuffed our basket, then came home and had a scrumptious picnic in front of Sex And The City.

I can and do usually buy all these items from the many individual small shops dotted around my office in Soho and my home in North London, but Lord knows it's lovely seeing so much good food under a single enormous roof. My ideal supermarket.


karmickids said...

my first time to planethalder, and must say you do bad things to all my dietary resolutions...interesting reading.

Planethalder said...

Welcome Karmickids!