Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Thrashed, well not quite

We went to the Arsenal v. SV Hamburg match last night at the Emirates Stadium and the Gunners won by 3 goals to 1, all in the second half. It was thrilling, but the team limped along in the first half, passing a lot but rarely shooting. The winning goals were both terrific and a relief and I suspect if Hamburg hadn't been such a poor team, the Gunners wouldn't have so easily won.

I'm the type of supporter barely tolerated by real footie fans: supporting a team because my partner and his family do. Before I met M I had little interest in the game save for some cosy memories of watching it on TV as a child with my Dad, who himself only watched it to win the Littlewoods pools. I rarely tell genuine supporters if I've been to a game for fear of exposing myself as a footie charlatan. I want to learn more about the game - its rules, its history - but get discouraged by how much there is to learn (and by asking silly questions). So I settle for simply enjoying the game whilst I'm there and largely forgetting about it when I'm not.

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