Friday, November 03, 2006

Four months to go...

...until we get married. So far we've: booked the venue, booked the caterers (they came with the venue), found the dress (my mother's wedding sari but my mother and I need to go over it with a fine tooth comb this weekend to check for moth holes and rips - I couldn't see them on first viewing; it looks immaculate to me), found the Indian classical band with tabla and sitar, found our wedding invitations supplier, nearly nailed down our guest list, chosen our witnesses (M's sister for him and one of my closest friends Dg for me), started planning our joint stag/hen celebrations (to take place where M and I met in Oxford). My future mother-in-law has ordered our traditional white tiered wedding cake, and my lovely Dad is working hard on his wedding speech. And the honeymoon is booked - we're going to India straight after the wedding to celebrate with my mother and father's extensive family.

We still need to sort out the flowers (I like lots of white, lilacs perhaps), photography, wedding readings, and hotels for our guests. We still need to buy the alcohol (we may order online at then drive to France and collect it). I still need to work out what music I want playing as I walk up and then we walk down the aisle. I still need to work out my hair and makeup - have been browsing endless western and Indian bridal magazines for inspiration (such a cliche but wedding magazines and books have really helped me clarify what needs to happen, when and how!)

My friend and witness Dg planned every step of her civil partnership ceremony to J in September using a detailed Excel spreadsheet and has volunteered to share it with me. I wish I could be that organised.

Oh lordy, just four months to go. Is that the time? I really must rush...

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