Saturday, November 25, 2006

Merry London Christmas

The lights on Regents Street are wonderfully gaudy (above), as they should be, as are the lights cascading down the front of Hamleys toy store (below). I couldn't resist joining the tourists and taking photos after work. I love London on dark winter nights: so many multi-coloured lights reflected from blazing shop windows or puddles in the road; the hustle and the bustle of Londoners and tourists alike; tired or excited office workers scurrying home to the warmth or into bars for the first pint or cocktail of the evening. Still so much life. This city has a density and grandeur that perfectly suits the winter season.

I told M I'd meet him at Waterstone's book shop on Piccadilly. To be precise, in the reference section browsing books on all things wedding, including the funny pink Anti-bride Wedding Planner. Not very cool, I know, but hell it's my guilty and relatively secret pleasure. We ate chicken teriyaki and udon noodles, deep fried tofu and spinach with sesame sauce at the always fabulous and very packed Japan Centre close by and then made our way home where I convinced poor M to watch several episodes of the sixth season of Sex and the City with me, before he got the chance to persuade me to watch Hong Kong gangster film Infernal Affairs.

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