Friday, July 01, 2005

My regular blog reads

The astute among you will have noticed that I've radically updated my blogroll. I rarely have the luxury to read all the blogs in my RSS newsreader these days, but I always make time for these listed below.

Virtually all the blogs I read are set outside London; in many cases they are set outside a city. I read them to learn about lives unlike my own: to live and love in rural environments, to engage in passions -- such as music playing and sailing -- that I've never tried, to cook up a storm where I always end up eating out, to grow vegetables where I buy mine from a store. These are individuals who write unlike me: thoughtful, detailed, lengthy expositions on whatever take their fancy. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Petite Anglaise: This English ex-pat in Paris has just left the father of her child and is embarking on a new love adventure. Life as a mother and girl-about-Paris.

The Cassandra Pages: Thoughtful meditations on life in Montreal from a former naturalist; her writings exhibit a strong and beautiful sense of place.

Knäckebröd: This ex-New Jerseyan writes about her daily life with her beau in Sweden with intimate detail. Another blog with a strong sense of place; oh, and she's as obsessed with food as I am.

Meanwhile, Here in France: Another English ex-pat and classical musician writes with beauty on life in Provence with her painter husband and on her life on the musical road.

Old Grey Poet: This gay British poet and painter in his 60s writes about the minutiae of his daily life in suburbia -- from struggling with his internet connection to visiting Tesco -- with dry humour and sarcasm.

Stay of Execution: Musings on sailing, life with her dog, nature, relationships, the legal profession and technology, from a sailor and lawyer from Portland, Maine.

This Fish and Greek Tragedy: Hilarious real-life Sex and the City gals let loose in Manhattan.

Eclectic: Delightfully wordy reflections on life in Inuvik, in the Canadian Arctic, and on politics.

Orangette: Orange nutmeg muffins, triple chocolate scones, the delights of fish sauce, zucchini and pecorino frittata, and all things food. I salivate every time I read this blog from a Seattle-based foodie.

Hypatia Avenue: Life in London for newly-engaged 20-something Hypatia. This is one of the first blogs I ever read and although she rarely posts anymore, when she does it's always a treat.

Please check out the rest of my blogroll, to the right.

Wondering where my daily links went? Wonder no more.

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