Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Go outside, it's a nice day, life is short

This cartoon from Too Much Coffeeman really brightened up my day first thing this morning when it arrived in my email box. Reading it made me considerably less stressed at the amount I had to cross off my To Do list (well, not a single list as such but a collection of post-its and bits of paper that only I can make sense of, luckily). I luxuriated in the thought of spending the day in the park basking in the sunshine and heat. Before guilt and a sense of responsibility set in. A few minutes later. In lieu of sunshine and nature, I've plugged myself into my Walkman for the entire day in order to block out the usual noises of an open-plan office. Loretta Lynn, Audioslave, Gorillaz and the BBC are my facilitators in getting things done today.

I saw War Of The Worlds last night and, despite my initial trepidation due to the high irritation factor of Tom Cruise, I enjoyed myself considerably and was gripped for the entire duration of the film. Though surely I can't be the only one who thought the little girl -- Dakota Fanning -- was as freaky as the aliens?

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