Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Cheese curry and other delights

Hypatia Avenue's been writing a couple of Recipes That Should Have Your Children Taken By The Authorities posts recently and I must admit to liking the sound of each one so far. Her first is a recipe for Australian Fairy Bread, involving hundreds and thousands sprinkled onto buttered bread; her second is one for Cheese Curry, involving Cheddar cheese, sultanas, curry powder and boiled eggs.

Hypatia's reaction to these recipes was to gag; mine was, "Hmmm, that sounds interesting, I might have to try it". But then, I'm the girl who still craves hot, white buttered toast liberally sprinkled over with white granulated sugar -- the kind my childminder used to make for me. She also used to serve me beef drippings on toast if I was especially good (ie quiet). I still love synthetic vanilla icecream (the yellower the better), fluorescent sugar candy (the brighter the better), cider barrel ice lollies, Rowntree jellies (particularly orange flavour), Coco Pops and Frosties, and jam and white bread sandwiches. And remember when fish fingers used to be bright orange and were served with iridescent green peas? I'm salivating as I write.

My parents always cooked healthy, homecooked meals when I was growing up (with vegetables from our own garden and fertilised not with chemicals but with manure they had delivered from a local farm -- our cauliflowers and pumpkins were huge!), despite both of them working fulltime. My school and childminder meals, on the other hand, were another world entirely!

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