Thursday, November 18, 2004

Home alone

Last night, after a terrible Japanese meal in Soho (not at Tokyo Diner, and totally my fault for choosing pork katsu curry - didn't realise it tasted like the curry sauce served in my local chippy - rather than pork katsu don), we retreated to the ICA bar (where are these board games you keep playing there, Hypatia?) and then to the cinema where we watched the disturbing docu-drama Nobody Knows.

Directed by Hirokazu Kore-eda, Nobody Knows is based on a real-life story that gripped Japan in 1988 when it transpired that a mother had absconded without warning and left her four young children to fend for themselves for 12 months. This movie follows the eldest child, 12 year old Akira, as he struggles to keep control of his siblings as they "gradually slip into a dreamlike existence of unlimited playtime, instant noodles, and confused distress".

As you can imagine, it is a deeply disturbing movie, made all the more incredible when you discover that the children are all un-professional actors who did not act to a conventional script - Kore-eda simply explained their lines to them each day and let them improvise.

Mesmerising and moving performances all round, but particularly from 14 year old Yuya Yagira (Akira), who won Best Actor at Cannes this year for this role.

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