Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Spring has sprung

• Planting hardy perennials in the flower beds

• Filling terracotta pots with seasonal pansies and primroses

• Feeding the roses

• Scarifying the lawn

• Watering the garden after the morning's first coffee

• Knitting in the garden as Little Planet plays

• Devouring gardening magazines and websites

• Opening all the windows and the back door to let fresh air course through the house for several hours

• Hoovering behind cupboards and sofas

• Emptying and cleaning kitchen cupboards

• Eating roast spring lamb with homemade mint sauce then stewing the leftovers with pumpkin and pomegranate molasses

• Preparing Easter school holiday activities for Little Planet

• Planning Easter weekend activities for house guests

• Trying not to get too angry with the birds who wake me up with their dawn chorus

• Watching two resident robins nuzzle our lawn and flowerbeds for worms; seeing their fledgling learn to fly

• Booking refresher driving lessons as I haven't driven in ten years; a fresh start

• Sorting through my Spring and Summer wardrobe and wearing short sleeves outside

• Looking forward to the heat of Summer

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