Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Wanting to be a good girl

Little Planet loves being a good girl and one of her triggers into hot tears is if I or her childminders reprimand her for actions she knows or quickly realises is not "good girl behaviour".

So she says things like, "I can stand on the bed but I cannot jump", "I can roll a ball inside the house but I can't throw it". She'll also use the second person you. So, "You mustn't run inside the house but you can in the garden or the park", "You mustn't touch the mirror, you mustn't touch the glass, but you can touch the frame", and yesterday coming back from daycare, "You can shout in the park but you can't shout in the shop".

Of course, she's a toddler and so she does all these things some of the time. But wanting to be a good girl is certainly keeping her better behaved than any other form of discipline exacted by myself and her carers.

For now.

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