Monday, April 05, 2010

Revolutionary tweets

Twitter has revolutionised the way I chronicle my life. Before I discovered Twitter for myself - years after everyone else, it seems - I had to keep note of everything I did in a notebook and later in the Notes app on my iPhone. And then I would collate these notes into a post for this blog.

Now I can Tweet as I go about my life and simply copy and paste (with a little editing down) into this blog. It may be a lazy way of blogging, but then blogging can be seen as a lazy way of keeping a diary. And in all honesty, without the ease of Twittering I doubt I would be able to blog as frequently as I am able to do.

There is another reason why I copy and paste most of my Tweets into this blog and that is that one day soon I will self-publish this blog in print form as my own personal record of the last six years of my life - and boy what a last six years these have been!

March tweets:
  • My 2nd ever Mother's Day was wonderful. 21 month old Little P presented me with a handpainted card complete with painted handprint. Then....
  • ...Mr P took myself, Little P & both her Grandmas out for a Turkish lunch. Delicious minced lamb and chicken kebabs, hummus & baklava.
  • The 1st colours Little P was able to identify were not the typical primary colours we expected but pink, purple, black, brown, grey, white.
  • Little P loves singing (loudly!) & can sing Old MacDonald, Hickory Dickory Dock, Twinkle Twinkle, Row Your Boat, & Baa Baa Black Sheep.
  • Little P loves dancing. She has a unique style like old black men from the deep south twisting & shaking their bodies to the Devil's tunes.
  • All her little buddies jump up & down to music; not Little P - she twists and turns and shakes her limbs like a possessed child!
  • Had my 1st embarrassing moment in public with Little P today: I was wheeling her home from daycare when we passed a boy & his older mum...
  • ...Little P pointed to the pair exclaiming "Boy! Boy" Then JUST as the older mum passed us, Little P pointed up at her & stated "Grandma!"
  • ...Little P's voice was so loud, the mother must have heard, but I was too mortified to look back :-0
  • A girl told me that she doesn't want kids because she doesn't want her life to change. But what is the point of life if it remains the same?
  • I value thinking time in work so highly that it's priceless. It's shocking that there is so little time to think at work!
  • To think deeply I go to the office toilet, for a walk, or have a document open and pretend to be looking at it...
  • But mostly I do my deep work-related thinking after/outside work because at work you have to be busy all the time (so crazy!).
  • Jury service is over. It was intense but so interesting that I want to do it again. However, we didn't come up with a majority verdict...
  • ... The case was so complex even the judge admitted its complexity. The case is now up for a retrial so I still can't discuss it.
  • Grandma is looking after Little Planet today so Mr Planet and I are off into town.
  • Strolling along the Southbank, a leisurely read of the papers in Benugo (bfi), blown away by Gerhard Richter's Cage paintings at the Tate.
  • Lunch @ The Swan at The Globe: fish cake with poached egg & hollandaise; smoked mackerel salad; sticky toffee pudding & honeycomb ice cream.
  • Provisions from Borough Market: enoki, oyster, shitake mushrooms; thyme; rhubarb; Burnt Sugar fudge. 3pm: Now home to play with Little P.
  • Sea salt fudge by Burnt Sugar = delicious!!
  • Poule au pot with homemade aioli for dinner tonight, followed by Waitrose key lime pie.
Easter tweets:
  • Lovely day spent with my parents. Little P especially enjoyed eating my mum's khichuri (a spiced lentils & rice dish with peas & potatoes).
  • Tonight's dinner was yakitori (chicken thigh meat skewered with spring onions, chicken livers skewered with asparagus) with tare sauce.
  • In the UK, we have Good Friday and Easter Monday off, so it's a 4 day weekend for us. We have no plans other than serious chilling.
  • Our plan to holiday in Hong Kong in October has been postponed to January 2011 as the case M will be working on will coincide. So instead...
  • ... We will plan a couple of European holidays this year. I'm thinking of Amsterdam and Istanbul as I've visited neither city.
  • Almond croissant & orange juice @ Le Pain Quotidien for breakfast in Holborn before getting my hair done @ Aveda.
  • Coffee beans from Monmouth & bath, hand & face products from Kiehl's in Covent Garden (including the much hyped acai moisturiser).
  • After all my years living in London, I have finally stumbled upon Ziggy Stardust's red telephone box in a dark corner of Heddon Street!!!!!
  • I am so happy they have not knocked down Ziggy's telephone box :-)
  • Ilya & Emilia Kabakov's sublime The Flying Paintings, in Sprovieri gallery. Idealised Russian scenes floating within white space. Ethereal.
  • Zara's new home collection is so bright and colourful and Summery.
  • Pizza lunch @ Il Baretto then shopping in Marylebone: fillet steaks @ Ginger Pig, cheese @ La Fromagerie, clothes for Lil P from Bonpoint.
  • Also bought books for Lil P from Daunts: Dr Seuss' Daisy-head Mayzie, Curious George Feeds The Animals, Harry & The Dinosaurs Go To School.
  • Pretty photo frames @ The White Company, tarts @ Paul. Enough shopping! Returning home to enjoy time in the garden whilst weather is fine.
  • After a great morning shopping, a delightful afternoon in the garden: M planting seeds, Lil P pushing her dolly in its buggy, I was dozing.
  • I've finished cooking tarka dal, lamb korma & aubergine curry with tamarind and coconut for tonight's Easter dinner for M & I & 3 guests.
  • Lil Planet enjoyed her Mr Potato Head Easter egg this morning but thankfully isn't yet bothered about chocolate. She ate just a small piece.
  • This Easter morning we spent a few hours in the park chasing Little Planet through the muddy field. She laughed so much. She is such a joy!
  • Now it's 2.30pm and Little P is napping. Peace and quiet subsumes the house for an hour. Lovely!
  • 10am Easter Monday: M & Little P are in the garden. M is mowing the lawn, Little P is pushing her dolly in the buggy and throwing her ball.
  • And me? I'm inside, curled in the sofa, reading the weekend papers cover to cover. Apart from having been up since 6.30am, this is the life!
  • When the wind shakes the branches of the trees, Little Planet exclaims, "The trees are dancing!". I love seeing the world through her eyes.
  • It's park time!
  • Bratwurst, mashed potatoes and mustard for dinner tonight, followed by mixed berries crumble. The end to a lovely and quite relaxing Easter.


WA said...

OMG I can't stop laughing after reading the boy, grandma saga, LP sounds lovely, Bless. I do miss her gorgeous pictures

Planethalder said...

Believe me, WA, I would love to post photos of her. She still looks like an anime character - so cute! But it always feels strange for me to post photos of her but not of M and myself. I just want to preserve her privacy. Who knows, maybe when she's older she'll have her own blog - now that would be fun!

WA said...

I used to think that it would be fun if the lad blogged. But not only did he nose his nose up at it, he also decided I was crazy when I started meeting up with the bloggers in London.