Sunday, April 25, 2010

April tweets

  • They say putting a baby to bed earlier than usual results in the baby's later wake up time. I wonder if the same principle works for adults?
  • I am so tired but the only thing stopping me from going to bed at 9pm is the fear that I will wake up fully rested at 5am...
  • ... Perhaps the next time M works late, I should try a super early bedtime. Just to see. 9pm seems like the perfect time.
  • Trying to enjoy new series of Outnumbered but those children are annoying me now & they're my worst nightmare of how Lil P could turn out!
  • Little P's directive to us this morning when we got her up - a single sentence: "Grobag off; go get milk; TV on." Who are we to deny her?!
  • Yesterday evening, on the way home from daycare, Little P looked up at the sky and started counting clouds: "1, 2, 3, 4". So delightful.
  • We've had a half day at work today due to moving offices, so I am now wandering around Bloomsbury before having to pick Little Planet up...
  • Korean lunch (spicy hot pot) at Biwon on Coptic St, then a demonstration of a Japanese tea ceremony at the British Museum...
  • ...A wander through the Korean and magnificent Chinese ceramic galleries; coffee and cinnamon biscuit at The Espresso Room on Gt Ormond St.
  • ... A stroll down Rugby & Lambs Conduit Sts, buying books and other goodies for Little Planet from the sweet Little Lamb Books...
  • ...To the Brunswick where I buy colourful blouse and dress & two t-shirts from the fabulous French Connection. Now heading home to my Lil P!
  • Friday 7.30pm: Little P's asleep, the garden is watered, M's on his way home, dal and rohu fish curry for dinner tonight (thanks Mum!).
  • Morning spent in Coram's Fields where Lil P enjoyed meeting the rabbits, sheep and goats; then we took her to meet Peppa Pig at John Lewis.
  • Went to the gym today during Little P's post lunch nap. First time at the gym in 2.5 years. Feel fantastic & plan on going 3 times a week.
  • 45 mins cardio, 15 mins weights. Need to reduce cardio & increase weights. This is a w/e workout; less time in the week - prob 40 mins max.
  • Seeds M has planted so far in our garden: 4 types of pumpkin & squash, broccoli, kale, spring onions, radishes, rocket & salad leaves.
  • A day in the garden. Such glorious Springtime weather.
  • Homemade chilli con carne and brown rice for dinner tonight. M's on his way home but unfortunately he has to work still.
  • Our offices have moved from Soho to Fitzrovia. Hurrah! Heal's, Planet Organic and Charlotte Street all on my doorstep!
  • Cranky, clingy, nappy rash, early waking. You'd think that after more than a year of experience we'd recognise Lil P's teething symptoms? No.
  • Client meeting ran over. Fortunately M could pick Little P up and put her to bed. So I took advantage and...
  • Saw the sumptuous and elegant Tilda Swinton movie "I Am Love", followed by won ton soup & sweet and sour chicken in Chinatown.
  • The Panorama programme shook me up. I'm now making sure Little P brushes her teeth AFTER bedtime milk rather than in the bath before milk.
  • London Zoo, gym, garden, Spanish omelette, glorious sunshine, a wonderful Saturday. And the day is still not over!
  • I almost forgot: Subho Noboborsho, Happy Bengali New Year! It's 1417!
  • Hmmm, M wants to watch David Lynch's Inland Empire movie tonight; I want to watch the disturbing but less convoluted Munich. Who will win?
  • Question for any gym bunnies out there. How do you stop yourself from over-eating after a gym session? I am now always ravenous.
  • Dinner tonight had a Spanish feel: Spanish tortilla, chorizo with olive oil & red wine, deep-fried calarami & aioli. Plus a robust Rioja.
  • Sunday activities: haircut for Little P, visit to M's sister and her boyfriend, gym, garden, visit from my mum, now roast chicken dinner.
  • 9.45pm North London, 20th April: Was that a plane I heard just now high in the sky???!
  • This month's Good Food magazine is particularly good. Tonight I'm making Spring vegetable tagliatelle with lemon, mustard & chive dressing.
  • Another dinner from Good Food magazine tonight: Fettucine with green lentils & lemon. Dying to eat but want to wait until M's back home.
  • M is bringing dinner home tonight. From Princi or Waitrose? Whatever, either passionfruit cheesecake or key lime pie will suit me fine.
  • This weekend is all about family: M's cousins on Saturday and my mum and dad's on Sunday (though M has to work on Sunday).
  • The weather in London was so glorious today. I don't think we spent more than an hour indoors and that was having showers and getting ready!
  • We're finally decorating the nursery & getting furniture, art, toys & books in there for her. To date it's just had her cot & old boxes in.
  • To date she's only slept in her nursery; now we want to make it her own special room where she can play, read, hang out in as well as sleep.
  • Homemade pizzas tonight for dinner, complete with homemade bases & tomato sauce: asparagus tips, artichokes, mozzarella & drizzle of pesto
  • Square Mile coffee first thing on a Sunday morning. Perfect. Today M is working, but Little P & I are going to enjoy at my mum & dad's.
  • Mum's made prawn masala curry & mixed vegetable curry with red spinach, sweet potato, runner beans, aubergine, mooli and bori for dinner :-)


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