Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Shifting junk

While my husband and mother-in-law enjoyed the long weekend with my baby daughter in London... this is what I spent all Bank Holiday weekend doing: filling this skip with my mother's unwanted junk. For she is moving back to London from East Anglia just so she can be closer to her only grandchild. Hurrah!


beyond said...

how nice.i am sure you will love to have your parents close by.

S said...

And how does your husband feel about having his Mother in Law so close by? :)

Just kidding - it sounds like they have a great relationship. I think my husband would divorce me if my mum moved nearby though.

Planethalder said...

He is fine about it as they get on. To be honest she won't be here all the time. She will be busy. But it is so good for Little Planet to have another playmate :-)