Sunday, May 17, 2009

Lazy weekend

A lovely weekend is coming to an end. Yesterday, we spent the morning in Marylebone. Little Planet enjoyed the swings, roundabout and see-saw in Regent's Park and then we bought her some new clothes in Bonpoint. We also bought wine from Oddbins, fillet mignon from Ginger Pig and assorted vegetables, cheeses and bread from La Fromagerie. Dinner back at home was butter-soft fillet mignon with mushrooms, tomatoes and mashed potatoes. Saturday was also the day Little Planet stood up by herself for the first time!

Today was spent chilling at home. Little Planet played all day (aside from her afternoon nap) and we read the weekend papers. We also cleaned the house, but managed to limit it to an hour. Poor M had to work a little, but in between he managed to bake two loaves of bread and a cheesecake. He's now on a conference call, but somehow has managed to roast a chicken for our dinner later (as well as steam and mash a week's supply of carrots and broccoli for Little Planet). I am such a lazy wife!


Hypatia said...

Not a lazy wife - a very loved and cared for wife! I love reading these weekend updates, it assures me that there are people out there who know how to enjoy the simple and richest pleasures in life: family, food, the company of loved ones and a home that feels like home.

Hypatia Avenue has gone into hibernation but all the news I would have added there is, basically, good and happy. I may not be updating, but I'm still reading, and always pleased to see your updates!

Planethalder said...

Oh, Hypatia, I miss miss miss your posts :-( But happy you are happy :-)