Sunday, March 01, 2009

The weekend list

Hot croissants with raspberry jam and Brie cheese for breakfast on Saturday / Apple and mango rice pudding for Little Planet / A stroll through Regent's Park and a play, for Little Planet, on the swings there / Hot dog for M, sausages, mash and onion gravy for me, and beef and green bean puree for Little Planet outside in the park's Honest Sausage cafe / Walking down Marylebone High Street and buying wine and toiletries / Strolling through Selfridges while Little Planet napped in her buggy / Walking down Wigmore Street to the John Lewis Food Hall for provisions / Cab home / Carrot and apple puree for Little Planet's dinner / Homemade lamb shanks and steamed green vegetables for our dinner after she had gone to bed / Fried eggs on toast with hickory Tabasco sauce for breakfast on Sunday / Oat porridge for Little Planet / Lahmacuns, humus, pitta bread and spicy Kurdish sausage for lunch in Antepliler (sweet potato and lamb puree for Little Planet) / A play on the swings for Little Planet and watching the birds being fed in the leafy Finsbury Park / A thorough read of the weekend FT while Little Planet napped and M had a conference call / Spinach and apple puree for Little Planet's dinner / Homemade tonkatsu, miso soup and shredded cabbage for our dinner / Catching up on 90210 (my new guilty pleasure) and Eastenders (which I have started watching again recently) while M worked / Being amazed at the thought that Little Planet will be 9 months old at the end of this week / Feeling sad that M is back in the States again - for a whole week / But looking forward to the week filled with guests and outings (so far, a friend and her two babies on Monday, my cousin on Tuesday, a baby singing class on Wednesday, an outing with just Little Planet and I on Thursday, and my mother-in-law this Friday) / Also looking forward to some solo trips into town on Saturday (getting my hair done and doing some shopping) and the following Monday (seeing work colleagues and catching a movie) while my mother-in-law looks after Little Planet

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Olivia said...

There! What did I say in my last comment? All the sensory things I enjoy reading from you :)

Mmmm I love tonkatsu. Also, have you ever, forget the name...hold on...takoyaki?